Monday, May 18, 2009

16 weeks

Not much going on in the pregnancy world-waiting on movement.
Went to the Dr last week. Up 2 lbs. Everything else looked good. Set up sonogram for June 8. yay!

Davis is good, eating some fruits and veggie baby food. He is sleeping pretty well. He gets up around 5am for a bottle and then up for the day around 7.

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chapinamom said...

Hi - just found your blog - congrats on your pregnancy! My niece has PKU - she turns 16 next week and is gifted! She plays viola and violin in the youth orchestra for her city's symphony orchestra and is one very happy, very busy, very smart gal. It was such a blow to her parents when she was diagnosed, but then they decided that other than meal times, she's a normal kid! I think it's been easier because she's an only child - it'll be hard for Davis to watch his sibs eat things he can't have. But my niece's parents love to cook, and she eats grilled mushroom burgers, specially made sherbet, etc. For Happy Meals, she just got 2 bags of fries. AND her mom is a bigwig for the FDA! Hang in there!