Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Everything appears to be ok

Had follow up u/s last week. Baby is still measuring small but it has grown the proper amount in that week. Its sweet little heartrate was 140, RE said anything over 120 was good RE is pleased and is releasing me to OB. I go in to see OB on Thursday so hopefully from here on out this is a very smooth-sailing pregnancy!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

U/S update-

Good news: One baby, one heartbeat, good place in the uterus

Not so good news: Measuring 3 days smaller then should be. RE said this is right on the cusp of normal so I go back in one week to monitor growth. He can't tell at this point if it is behind because it is just a little slow or if it is because it is stopping- but we should be able to tell next week- so here we go again---waiting...

I am concerned because with the "slower" beta and now the "slower" growth things don't seem to be stacked in my favor.

This just doesn't seem fair-- why can't anything be easy with this pregnancy??

Well I am going to worry about it today only and then turn it over to God. This little punkin is a FIGHTER and I need to have faith in it and in God! That is all I can do!!!


U/S is in one hour... I have been so calm up to this point about the u/s and the beta numbers but now I am so nervous I could throw up...
I have been pregnant for 3 weeks now--I hope I am still pregnant after the appointment. I am so worried there isn't going to be a heartbeat or it isn't growing properly or whatever--- so many things to worry about!

Please oh please let everything be ok.

I am taking my Mom with me for moral support-Jason can't go as he is out of town...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Snow in Dallas

Well- if you really want to call it that. It was more like ice but when we woke up this morning there it was on our cars and grass and roof. It didn't even stick enough to make schools open late, but it was still fun for Garrett to see it.

He made a snowball and threw it and he ate some of it. Here is a picture of his first snowball (maybe if I can figure out how to do it)