Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No spotting-- yet

Well today is CD 25 (10dpo) and I have not had one bit of spotting yet!! Hopefully that is a GOOD sign. I did take an HPT this morning and it was BFN, but I am still holding onto hope that it was just too early. Very possible.

I will test again in the morning and then every morning until spot or AF shows up.
AF typically shows up around CD 30-31, so I should know something before too long.
Spot usually shows up 5-6 days before-- typically around CD 25-26. So of course I am excited that nothing is here--YET.

Other news:

We had a great time in Austin, saw alot of old friends. I miss Austin, but I love being here near my parents. I think it is such a great experience for Garrett to grow up near his grandparents. I just wish they were in Austin instead of Dallas. Glad we have friends to go and visit there! Hook em Horns!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007


I have received various predictions as to when I will get pregnant over the years. I thought it would be fun to list them to see if any of them prove to be correct.

Shayna--6 and girl
(Due date for this cycle would be June)

Jessie--spring (lots of green) and boy

Angel--April and boy

Mommy Hopes--July/Aug. and boy

Cheri-Feb and girl

One in Austin--5 yrs from July 2002 and girl.
She predicted 2 years from July 2002 a boy and look what happened in July 2004: ~GARRETT~. So maybe she was on to something, since 5 years is 2007 this would be the year.

The months/numbers that they predicted didn't necessiarly mean due date~it could mean conception, find out, due date or LMP. So that leaves alot of possibilites.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Austin (trigs)

Jason and I just decided that we are going to go to Austin this weekend to visit our friend, Cheryl. Cheryl always has fun parties to watch the UT game, so we will get to see alot of our old friends! We are taking Garrett with us this time as well and they have not seen him for over a year. Won't they be surprised at how big he is and how much he talks (non-stop).
I will post pictures of the weekend!

Monday, September 17, 2007


I have just decided to keep a blog of my quest for child # 2. We are on our 20 cycle of trying for #2. I was just about ready to throw in the towel BUT I got some wonderful news. My company has decided to switch insurance. I thought maybe, just maybe, the new insurance would have some kind of infertility coverage. The first phone call I made inquiring about it resulted in a "no, none of our plans carry any IF coverage". That really bummed me out because I was really hoping it would cover something-- anything to give me hope.
For some reason I decided to call back and speak to someone else. Lo-and behold, the HMO plan does cover IF-- up to 6 cycles of ovulation induction, 6 cycles of IUI with injectibles and 6 cycles of IVF. HOLY SHIT!! I was in tears. Poor Jason thought something was wrong.

So now I wait until October 11 to meet with the new RE.

In the mean time I have taken Clomid this month and am waiting to see if by some chance I might get pregnant this month. Now that the stress is somewhat relieved. Wouldn't that be ironic!