Thursday, November 1, 2007

Starting BCP today

What a weird feeling to be starting birth control pills after 2 YEARS!! We have decided to do the laparoscopy instead of starting with the injectibles because if I do have endo. then it would be a waste of money to do the injects. and IUI. So now the plan is to have the lap on Dec. 7 and then move forward with the inject. IUI (hopefully)-I guess depending on what they find during th lap. So that means there is NO chance of us getting KU in November and I guess December too--weird!
Oh well Jason keeps reminding me this is bringing us one step closer--I guess, feels more like 2 steps back.

On a lighter note, Garrett had the MOST fun EVER trick or treating last night. We went with two other 3 yr old boys and I have never seen them have so much fun. They were running from house to house, yelling and jumping. It was so cute! Of course this morning he wanted to do it all over again--
Now we are looking forward to Santa-- what a fun time of year for a kid!