Wednesday, May 20, 2009

PHE is good this week

Davis' phe level was great this week. It was 2.0 (range is 2-6) so that means he is tolarating the baby food well. Last week he was getting 8 exchanges. This week we have bumped it up to 10 exchanges, which seems like a lot. He is getting 2 TBS of rice cereal and a stage 2 fruit for breakfast, a stage 2 fruit and veggie for lunch, and another stage 2 fruit and veggie for dinner. And he HAS to drink 24 oz of formula. He is turning into quite the chunk! His little thigh are getting little rolls in them. He is sitting and rolling like a champ. Not too close to crawling. He seems like he wants to get places, but can't figure out how to do it. I am not pushing it either because one he starts crawling, I have to figure out something do to do with all of Garrett' toys that have a million little choking hazards to them (legos...). He has gotten his two bottom teeth. Teething wasn't so bad, but he is always a bit fussy, so he wasn't any fussier than usual!

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