Sunday, March 29, 2009

So can he have chicken???

I get the strangest responses when I tell people that Davis has PKU and basically that means he can't have protein. I guess I am a fairly health consious person and I really put some thought into what I eat, but it just amazes me that people don't know what consitutes protein.

Can he have chicken, soy, how about salmon, nuts, fish? What about milk, cheese, yogurt?? Oh he can't have milk, can he have goat's milk??

It is just crazy to me that people don't know that all of these things are considered protein.

I understand people are shocked when I say he can't have regular bread or pasta because to me those things aren't protein, but flour has alot of phe in it- so he can't have anything with flour either.

It is just surprising how little people actually know about the foods that they are consuming.

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