Friday, March 13, 2009

It's all good!!

We have one baby and one strong heartbeat!! Yay

Weight is 133, so I am 2 lbs lighter than at this point with Davis. This makes me feel great because I have not been running and eating pretty badly since I found out I was pregnant. Had I continued on like I was doing (not pregnant, of course) I would probably be in the 120's, which is my goal after this little one is born.

Heart rate was 140, which is about the same as Davis at this point.

Due date is October 26th. We will do a C-section either one week early if no previa or two weeks early if I have previa again.

We talked extensivly about banking the cord blood, which we did not do with either Davis or Garrett. But we will with this one. We talked about the possiblity of them (who is them??) finding a cure for PKU through stem cells. It is a no-brainer for us to bank it now. Who knows what the future holds as far as that goes, but we will be prepared should anything ever come up. I feel kinda guilty now for not banking the others. It really makes me wonder if the reason that this one was conceived so easily is because eventually we will be able to use the cord blood to "cure" Davis. Whew-heavy thought!!! I really pray that this can happen!

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