Thursday, June 4, 2009

Poor birds

We have these birds that built a nest in this bamboo shade right out our back door. It has been pretty fun to watch them build the nest and then to watch them bring food back and forth to the baby(ies).... Until today.

I knew this would happen, but I thought maybe they would escape... THE DOGS.

Garrett looked out the window today and saw the dogs chasing something and he yelled for me to come. I looked out and saw the dogs chasing something and two birds divebombing the dogs. I got the dogs inside but not without a casualty. One of the babies is right outside the back door, presumably dead. It hasn't moved at all. I am just leaving it alone for now, hoping that it is just scared--- but I re
ally don't think so. The poor mama and daddy bird are flying around everywhere chirping, looking for their baby. It is the circle of life, I guess- but man, I am sad for the birds.

UPDATE: The baby bird is alive and hopping around the back yard. I wonder how long it will take to learn to fly bc I am trying to keep the dogs from getting it.

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